Building a Team to Grow Your Business

Even the most talented and dedicated agents have limits on what they can accomplish alone. To take your business to the next level once you have reached a plateau, you will need to hire some help. Whether you are a solo agent wanting to close more transactions or a rainmaker looking to increase your team’s market share, hiring the right person can help grow your business. This course offers strategies for delegating and outsourcing tasks to help you focus on activities that make you the most money. Course instruction and workshops cover a range of responsibilities related to hiring team members, whatever your stage of business growth.

After completing this course, learners will be able to:

  • Recognize signs that it is time for you to hire.
  • Assess options for growing your business such as virtual and on-site assistants, coordinators, buyer specialists, and listing partners.
  • Apply techniques for soliciting qualified candidates and conducting successful interviews.
  • Weigh options for team member compensation, work status, licensing, contracts,  job titles and responsibilities.
  • Implement effective management practices related to on-boarding, performance reviews, accountability, and work flow.