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Carlton Seminars focuses on Real Estate, legal and tax related topics. However, we provide education for multiple businesses, sales companies, and industries. Contact us directly for information on education focused on your specific business area.




We do our best to keep our online calendar as current as possible. Feel free to contact us to verify that a date has not been canceled or to be notified of recent engagements that have not been posted.

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Click the link above, to determine if we are available for your next educational needs. Remember to plan ahead, we begin filling up dates one year in advance.


“Woke me up! This course shows how small adjustments over time will allow one to live comfortably later. Dale was fun and personable, thanks for the great 2 days.”
Walker, MN

“I am glad that I came! Good pace and the class was lively! Excellent instructor!”
Peoria, IL

“I would have to say this was life changing. I finally have the tools to do what I have wanted to do for years. I am excited to go back to the real world and make things happen. Thank you!”
Lakeview, MN